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Speciality Coffee for Every Taste

Café Lucero is harvested in the mountains of Ponce. The plantation is located in San Patricio, adjacent to the towns of Adjuntas and Jayuya.


This property has 216 acres which include coffee and citric plants.

Our farm is about 2,500 feet above sea level, which is an ideal condition to produce coffee of excellent quality.

The process of planting and harvesting is done under the most rigorous standards. With these standards, we are dedicated to do all the phases in the process from the ground preparation through the planting process until the packaging of the final product.

cafe lucero.png

Café Lucero is a coffee with the best selected beans that allows us to strengthen its flavor. The selected beans contribute to create the distinctive character of its particular flavor.

The vacuum-packed resealable foil pouch preserves its freshness that is part of the experience of enjoying specialty coffee.

The Arabic beans are cultivated in ideal climatic conditions and are processed using the most precise standards.


The preparation of this coffee in combination with the altitude of our plantation makes it a special coffee.


In 2009, we received from the National Resources Conservation Service of the Department of Agriculture of the United States, the South District Conservationist Farmer of the Year Award.

The planting is done by hand, with puertorrican workers who guarantee the quality of the coffee. We use ecologic machines to minimize the quantity of water used. Wastewater is reused and helps land conservation.

We are proud of the way we manage our product and its residues in harmony with the environment conservation.

Puertorrican coffee has been one the best of the world, our goal is to implement the most appropriate agricultural practices to obtain the best possible product.

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